Meet the Photographer - Rich 'Monkey' Sayles Photography

Meet the Photographer - Rich 'Monkey' Sayles Photography

I'm sure you've seen our photos up on the website and across Instagram and Facebook.

We thought we'd give you a little insight into who helped bring our vision to life. Rich 'Monkey' Sayles.


We'd had a look round our local area (South Yorkshire, UK) and looking at his portfolio, we saw someone who had varied skills, who would be able to do simple product shots and the more interesting dark model and parts photography. 

@richsaylesphoto   @rsaylesphoto   

We thought he would 'get' our style and what look we were trying to achieve, and we were right!


We're so pleased with how our photos turned out, so thanks Rich and we hope to work with you again!

Check him out on Facebook - 

Rich 'Monkey' Sayles Photography

Or Instagram - 

@rsaylesphoto - Here

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